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A Reflection on 2017 (Hold my Beer)

Medulla Talk Season 1 Episode 13 (Finale)

2017 reflection season finale

About this Episode:

2017 sucked for a lot of people. It’s an interesting concept, considering that we collectively said that 2016 was the worse year to date. It is as if 2017 said, “Hold my Beer.” Since this is our last episode for 2017, we figured we’d take a moment to reflect on the year. Of course, we discussed the events behind Roy Moore, Donald Trump, the many protests and the rise of “fake news.” We also reflected on our experiences with Medulla Talk. We’ve had many challenges, but we have grown a lot since our conception in April. We expanded our team and we’ve touched on some very difficult topics like Gun Control and Domestic Violence. As we begin to work on our new format for next year focusing on music and art, we wanted to remember our accomplishments and remise on the great moments of 2017. To help us out, we invited the hosts from The Current Flow Heli Cienfuegos and Maddie Tran. Listen and Enjoy!!

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