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American Insecurity

Medulla Talk Episode 2

In this episode, we discuss Trumps’ comments on the national anthem protests, the EPA, and the hit HBO show “Insecure.”

Medulla Talk 2017 Ep 2 Summary

News and Politics:

–  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Budget cuts.

– Trumps’ comments regarding NFL players’ protests of the national anthem

Group Discussion:

“How HBO’s ‘Insecure’ reflects elements of every day of life.”

In this discussion we dive into certain key points in the story line of Insecure. We talk about Isaa and Lawrence’s relationship and the lack of communication they display. We touch on Molly’s character and the struggles she goes through. We also talk about the environment of the show and gentrification. What’s interesting about this show (and many shows like it) is that the journeys these characters go through are just reflections of our own person journeys. Sure, the characters might not be carbon-copies of us, but there are elements or experiences that the characters goes through that you can relate to.


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