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Appreciating the Music ft. Grandfathercloc

Season 2 Episode 8

Quantum Leap Radio


Whether you are a fan of Hip Hop from the 90’s or just a fan of the music of today, we realize that what we listen to effects our lives on a daily bases. Music moves us in ways other media platforms can’t. In this episode we spoke with GRANDfathercloc, host of Quantum Leap Radio on KPFT 90.1. We talked about different artists, touched on signature albums from Kendrick Lamar, as well as dived into a heat debate on whether lyrics in songs matter or not. What’s interesting about this conversation is the wealth of culture we discussed. Hip Hop is so diverse and it means something different depending on who you’re talking to. We appreciate GRANDfathercloc for stopping by, and we hope you appreciate the conversation. Enjoy!



You can listen to Grandfathercloc’s radio show on Saturdays between 4pm-6pm on KPFT 90.1, as well as on mixcloud.


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