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Birth of Socialization

I have always found it fascinating how people ask for “alone time.” Interesting concept to ponder.



I have always found it fascinating how people ask for “alone time.” It is like we are programmed to separate ourselves during times of deep thought or emotional distress. Excluding the noise around us and welcoming the calm of silence. In my personal time, I have found that the best moments of thought have been when I’m alone in my one room apartment. Free to ponder about the universe and my place in it, but how much is TOO much alone time?
It is clear that “me time” is needed. All the great heroes of history took time off. Even Moses escaped to the mountains to receive his revelations. On the other hand, clearly there is a breaking point. Just like the guy from “Into the Wild,” eventually he started to crack. At some point, the brilliance of silence becomes clouded by the loudness of insanity. You start to acquire strange habits. I believe I started to reach this point a month ago when I caught myself…..talking…. to myself.
Now at the time, I was enjoying a very good conversation. I engaged in a heated debate on whether or not fish gills were a more efficient way to breathe than human lungs. In the conclusion of the 2 hour discussion, however, I soon realized that I was the only one in the room. I thought for sure that someone else was here. How else could you explain the victorious feelings I felt from winning a debate? I owned the other guy! Much like how Kevin Durant owned the Oklahoma City Thunder (too soon?). Pondering I said, “Ahh yes….. the first steps of insanity…..I need to get out more.”
And that my friends is the birth on socialization. The moment when you realize that you are not self-sufficient, and that other humans are required. I believe this was the catalyst for the human need to be social and for the development of tribal groups and civilizations moving forward. Crazy how things work out.

– Devonte


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