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Medulla Talk Radio Show

Each Monday Morning, the MEDULLA TALK team puts together a unique take on the Houston cultural experience. The show is a mix of insightful guest interviews, edgy info highlights, and event field reports. Host Devonte Hill differentiates his interviews from other podcast interviews by offering listeners a peek behind the creative process from amazing creatives. Additionally, co-hosts Kyle Lee, Stephanie McNeal and Austin correspondent Jerel Jarmon all provide original input on social news and give helpful insight on events around their respective cities. Since Medulla Talk’s official season 1 opener on September 20, 2017, it is slowly becoming Houston’s premier radio talk show.

ORIGINATION: Afrovibes Radio Houston Studios, Houston
PREMIERE: September 20, 2017
HOSTED BY: Devonte Hill
CO-HOSTS: Kyle Lee, Stephanie McNeal and Jerel Jarmon
PRODUCED BY: Total Medulla Entertainment
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Devonte Hill and Steven Hawkins

Texas Statewide and Harris County Elections 2017

This is an extremely important election due to the fact that most folks tend to skip out on off year elections. Well, here at Medulla Talk, we're trying to change that. In this episode we talk about what's on the ballot sheet and discuss some important issues with it. Total Medulla is a multi-media platform that strives to bring communities quality content that enlightens, informs, or sparks curiosity. We feature radio shows, group discussions, blogs and more.

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