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Is There a Strong Sense of Community in 2017?

Medulla Talk Episode 10




About this episode

I sat down with some elders at a coffee shop not too long ago and asked them about their life experiences. Their world was completely different than mine. One of the dramatic differences between the world of old and the world of 2017 is the sense of community. Community has become something you have to search for now. Before, you were automatically a part of one.  With the new advancements of technology and the internet, there have been both negative and positive consequences.

We have touched on a lot of these points in Episode 7 of Medulla Talk, but with the recent events like Hurricane Harvey, the Houston Strong hashtag sensation, Social Media donation campaigns and even Cyntoia Brown’s new found case exposure we’ve had to lean into our communities to overcome changes. We have a lot of social issues to get over, but a strong community is needed to fix them. Action can’t stop at outrage on social media and comments on posts. In this episode we touch on the current state of community and how it has changed, how it has involved and what it could potentially be.

Special guests

DaSean Jones, Attorney (Official Website)

Frantzy Thenor, Business Owner/Director of Operations

Brad Traywick, Motivational Speaker

Correy Woods, Campaign Contributor/Project Engineer


Poll Question

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