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About Devonte Hill

To some, Devonte Hill is a crazy comic fan that is passionate about super heroes. To others, he is a radio personality known for deep discussions and controversial conversations. No matter what subject he talks about, his love for discovery always signs. Devonte loves to dive into complicated issues and discovering the motivations behind certain actions. As he states in one of his interviews with UH TV, “People are very interesting beings. As you discover more about them, you start to learn more about yourself.”


Devonte Hill began his career creating short stories, skits and other content in high school. Eventually, he expanded on those skills in college at Stephen F. Austin State University. There he produced talk shows, music and tv programs for SFA’s TV station.

After graduating, he began working with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and helped produce content for the state parks in Texas. He also helped with their PBS Buffalo Soldier TV specials.

He took those experiences with him to the CBS affiliate in Houston, KHOU channel 11 News, and Great Day Houston. There he helped with the news programs, created stories for Great Day Houston, and helped produce special projects like the Houston Mayoral Debate Series.

After a severe downsizing at Channel 11, Devonte got laid off and found himself trying to figure out his next move. He got creative and began freelancing as a Video Producer, a Podcast Host, and a PA for Houston Public Media. During this time period, he also earned his first feature film credit by helping produce Carlos Wallace’s documentary, “Life is Not Complicated, You Are.”

Devonte has won serval awards for his work. Most notable were the full length feature articles in Sawdust Magazine “Jacks of All Trades” (Winter 2015 edition) and TPWD Magazine “Choose Your Own Adventure” (December 2014 issue).

Devonte is currently producing the “Medulla Talk” weekly program, as well as expanding on skills outside of media. He would one day like to work as an Exec Producer for TV shows, Radio programs, and Movies.

Devonte Hill

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