Editor/Videographer (OP Show) – Part Time Houston Area

Editor / Videographer for new show “OP.”

OP is a video based program that focuses on the exploration of world wide outcasts. A lot of times, we as people don’t talk to each other. We get lost in our own closed worlds and miss out on the amazing people that are right next to us. We want to shine a light on those stories and people who get over looked each day. Some of the topics we will cover are going to be tough, but hopefully, you get inspired and learn something about your neighbor. Join Hugh Jones and Devonte Hill on this amazing ride! 

  • Min 12 hours a week
  • Helps with the creative direction of the show and the shooting style of the show
  • Shoots OP episodes and teasers
  • Edits shows and deliver final videos to exec producers
  • Add videographer title graphic in each video to give self credit
  • Payment based off of sponsorships and ad venue (details explained during interviews)
  • Must have own camera and editing software