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Escapisms are a must!!!!

Medulla Talk S:1 E:12


About This Episode:

This year is whining down and I’ve had serval moments of reflection. I thought about Trump. I thought about the job market. I thought about the mass shootings, Protests, Championships, and countless highs and lows. We will be going deeper into 2017 in our finale episode next week, but for now, I want to share a moment that inspired this particular episode. I attended a music festival last weekend as a means to meet new artists and reconnect with old friends. If you’re a person who attends music festivals on a regular, you’ll notice (or at least I have) that there is a ton of weed smoked at these events. #TreesBeBurnin. Now, I’m not a sticker for drugs. I don’t care either way whether you smoke or not, but I did find it interesting how over abundant it was. Everybody was Lit!! So I pondered, like I normally do. I asked, “What is the meaning behind this?” In this episode we discuss the need for escapism and our desire to use drugs, alcohol, tv shows, and more for it. Enjoy!


Special Guest:

Outspoken Bean

Performance Poet, City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs Resident Artists for the Near Northside, Head Coach for Metaphor Houston, Founder of PlusFests


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