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The Continuous Gun Control Debate

Medulla Talk Episode 4

In this episode we discuss the gun control debate and cover possible solutions to this on going problem. Are there solutions?

gun control

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About this episode

We find ourselves in a constant loop after a mass shooting. Something happens, we have a gun control debate and then we move on with our lives. What should we do to stop things like this from happening in the future? What are our options? Do we even want to do anything about this issue? Or are we just content with the status quo? We talk about the Gun Control debate, and discuss some possible solutions .

Episode Summary

  • Word on the Street
    • I interviewed people over the weekend asking them “Are you less willing to go out to concerts or group gatherings because of the last shooting?”
  • Group Discussion
    • The Gun Control Debate in the US
      • In this discussion we talk about:
        1.) The Second Amendment
        2.) Court Ruling McDonald v. Chicago (2010) and DC v. Heller (2008)
        3.) Gun rights and freedoms VS Gun control and public safety
        4.) NRA
        5.) Good guy with a gun VS Bad guy with a gun argument
        6.) Guns don’t kill people, people do argument
        7.) Mental illness
        8.) Solutions

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