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Interracial Dating VS Black Love

Pilot Episode 13

In this episode we tackle the long standing controversial subject of Interracial Dating and whether or not it affects Black Love. How is this still a thing?

black love interracial dating

“Love who you love.” That is what is said at least. So why is Interracial Dating and #BlackLove still a thing? In recent times, there seems to be a stereotype going around that black men are only interested in races other than their own. Maybe that has to do with media representation. In most cases we see black men with white women in TV shows, Movies, Commercials, and especially with actors and sports athletes. Or, maybe it has to do with social grooming. It is no surprise that in America we are taught from a young age that white, blonde and slim women are desired above other women groups. Advertising is where this is most represented.

What is Interracial Dating and Black Love about?

We learned from our conversation in episode 7 “Dating in 2017” that things aren’t cut and dry. Whatever the case may be, we decided to tackle interracial dating and black love in this episode. Now, normally I stay with topics that have universal appeal and on the surface, this subject seems to only pertain to black people or people who are dating black people. As we dug deeper into the conversation, however, we noticed something different.

This stretches beyond just race. The things we touched on in this episode apply to culturally diverse relationships, and just relationships as a whole. Similar to Huffington post’s article that tried to disarm myths about Interracial Dating, we at Total Medulla sat down and shared our collective experiences with dating and our spouse section process. Steven, Jerel, Kyle and I come from different backgrounds. Most of our decisions and tastes stem from our past experiences and our environments. That reigns true for most of us. As much as I want to sit here and think that we are all peaceful and loving beings, I do have to point out that we all have prejudices. Some people prefer one type over the other. Are these prejudices just preferences? We discuss this as well.

Ultimately, we all want love in some form or fashion. At the end of the day there is no right or wrong with this subject. You’re free to do what you will, as long as you are sincere with your intentions. There should be a point, however, where interracial dating isn’t a “thing” anymore. It’s just dating. On the other side of that, black women should never feel that men in their own community don’t desire them, vice versa. We should eventually grow to a point where we’re secure enough within ourselves. No matter where you are on the spectrum, hopefully, we all become lucky enough to experience love in it’s fullest expression.

Medulla Talk Episode 13:


To skip to the group discussion, go to 10:13 in the episode.


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