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Lyrical Reviews Season 1 Episode 1

Marvin Gaye Total Medulla Boy we had fun with this episode

Let Marvin Gaye Show you the way


Now we all know about baby makers. They are the classic songs that brought you into this world via two horny people and a record player. Hush, don’t ask how we thought of this typic. Just lay back and relax. Though Guy’s “Piece of My Love” is a classic, today we’re taking a walk down memory lane and talking about Marvin Gaye and how he immortalized his sex game on record. From his 1976 album I Want You, this little ditty is appropriately titled “Feel All My Love Inside”.  Marvin takes us on a romp through one of his sexcapades.  At this time of his life he was dating a 19 year old named Janis Hunter and this is before viagra so I guess she kept him on his toes sexually.  With lyrics like “I’ll be stroking you in and out, up and down, all around” you wonder how he had time to get an album done…wait…our spectuations think that he brought his inspiration to the studio….literally… Give it a listen and tell us what you think! This is the Lyrical Review!



Here is the Album of reference:


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