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Total Medulla Content Services

Content Creation has became a huge part of advertising campaigns and building brands. Now more than ever, businesses need engaging content to stay current and competitive. We offer a variety of content packages that will help your business or organization stay engaged with your audience. 

Interview Videos and Documentaries

Sample: Produced by Devonte Hill

Promotional videos and Recap videos

Sample: Produced by Devonte Hill

Scripted Videos and Informational Videos

Sample: Produced by Devonte Hill

Podcast Creation

Sample: Produced by Devonte Hill

Written Word

  • Articles
  • Product Reviews
  • Blogs

All of our Services Include

  • 1 hour free consultation
  • Help with shaping ideas and making sure your project is targeted to reach goals
  • 1 free re-edit of project
  • Follow up assistance
Optional Add-ons
• Advertising on Total Medulla content
• Sponsored interviews
• Advertising on Afrovibes Radio Houston

For pricing information and other business inquiries, contact us: