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Saving and Investing

Pilot Episode 12

In this episode we talking about the differences between saving and investing. How do you use each of these tools? Listen and find out.

saving and investing

Money can be a difficult thing to manage. Most of us spend the majority of our lives working to earn money, but we seem to always not having enough. The idea of saving and investing also seems to be a morbid topic. We are plan for retirement, but we have no idea how long to plan. It’s not like we know exactly when we are going to die. Either way, it’s something we have to figure out. That is way we decided to have a conversation about saving and investing. It’s something that effects us all, yet it’s something that most of us have to figure out on our own. I’m still not sure why that is the case….


It’s important to note that most bloggers and even articles from governmental bodies ( Saving and Investing ) only talk about saving and investing in terms of stocks and bonds. We should also consider that any thing we do to better ourselves intellectually is an “investment.” You are, in effect, investing in yourself. You should also consider any build of assets (like starting a business) as investments. Heck, me creating the “Medulla Talk” program is an investment.

I also want to point out that I loved the fact that Steven has a finance background. In this episode Steven gave us really good input on practices and lessons he has learned through school and through life experiences.


Individual Segments:

Brittaney covers the latest news on R Kelly’s sex cult, Keke Palmer taking shots at Kylie Jenner, and the viral story of a hot great grandma!


Here is a group conversation about saving and investing. Everything stems from having a plan. Find out what we mean by clicking the play button!

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