Producer (podcast) – Part Time Houston Area

Producer for “Total Medulla – the Podcast”

Our most popular program on the Total Medulla Website, the Podcast is an audio based program that focuses on musicians, bands, other artists, political leaders and community activists. The music interviews are 25min-30mins long and incorporates the artists’s music. We ask questions about the creative processes of the pieces, as well as diving into the history of the artists. The other interviews are engaging conversations with people from different backgrounds that last max 15mins. The podcast is all about people and ideas that make a difference.


  • Min 15 hours a week
  • Main job is to assist in the pre-production and advertising efforts of the Total Medulla Podcast
  • Attend the weekly meetings
  • Scout for people to interview
  • Schedule interviews
  • Do preliminary research 
  • Advertise Podcast to audiences
  • Assist with writing copy for advertisements
  • Payment is based off of sponsorships and ad venue. (details explained during interviews)