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Relationships with a busy schedule.

Pilot episode 1

In this pilot episode we talk about dealing with relationships while having a busy schedule.

Can you deal with Relationships under time restrains?

What a way to start a series!!! I was super excited to start this show with my friends, but even more excited about the opportunity to broadcast weekly on AfroVibes Radio Houston. In our pilot episode we talked about dealing with relationships while having a busy schedule.

Most of us have busy schedules and a lot going on. Don’t you find it even more stressful when you have to add a relationship with all of that? Well that’s what we wanted to talk about. We also touched on what we do to help our relationships grow while under time restrains.

Here is the pilot:

The Medulla Talk Show is a program created by the partnership between AfroVibes Radio Houston and Total Medulla Entertainment. New show episodes air every Thursday @ 9pm on AfroVibes Radio Houston live web stream and different radio apps.


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