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Social Media, it’s time to talk

Pilot Episode 3

In this episode we explore the good and bad aspects of social media. Have these trends negativity effected us in any way?

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Social Media Bad?

Social media is involved in almost every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s checking up on friends, or growing your business, we’re forced to use social media in order to interact with the world around us. Why is that? My theory is that apps like Instagram are just easier and more convenient than in-person interaction. In-person or phone calls requires you to put your complete attention into that person. We all claim to be too busy for all of that. With just a simple glance on a Facebook timeline, I can get quick updates on people’s lives without having to interact with them.

I guess now we have to ask ourselves, is this for the better? There’s a million different social media sites and apps being used according to Dreamgrow. Have these new trends negativity effected us in any way? This was the basis of our conversation.

In this episode we explore the good and bad aspects of this platform. For us, the main goal is to understand the consequences of this ever growing medium.

Medulla Talk Episode 13



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